That piece of sh*t Sean Avery thinks he’s some kind of fashion dude these days but some people just weren’t born for it. Like TV girls who want to be movie stars, there are those who walk around deluding themselves that they were made for Prada when in reality, they’ll always be destined for Price Chopper. In other words… Sean Avery. Sean Avery is a redneck no-neck large-headed prick. Sean Avery is the short, curvy girl trying to wear high waisted pants like Gisele Bundchen.

Sean Avery ain’t no fashionisto.

Joshua Jackson on the other hand… well Joshua Jackson went from Pacey’s plaid to YSL and has never looked more right. He’s the first to admit it’s all Diane Kruger ...and that’s actually even hotter. Because he just puts it on. He just puts it on and voila, it’s perfect and he’s not obsessing about it in the front row like his wannabe fellow Canadian.

Check him out leaving a party in New York last night. It’s effortless, see?

Joshua returns to tv this fall in Fringe. Was at this tv critics event last night – The Fringe is expected to be a big hit. This from the people who are supposed to know. Hopefully the $10 million pilot is better than the trailer. I’ve seen it 6 times and still can’t figure it out. Worse… it made me not care.

The Fringe premieres on a 2 hour special. Hopefully it’s good. Want a hit for Josh.

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