Many of you have emailed today about Joshua Jackson. He was originally confirmed to walk the carpet last night at TIFF for the One Week gala and did not show. 

UK tabloids today are reporting that he visited Katie Holmes this week with a bouquet of flowers after seeing photos of her looking wan and sad. Concerned for her, he apparently decided to drop in and catch up. Not sure I believe it. But if it bothers Tom… why not? 

However, if you were waiting for him last night at the Elgin Theatre, don’t be too upset. KatE was not the reason for his bail. 

Joshua was full on committed to supporting his film…only the goof lost his passport and wasn’t able to come back into the country. For real. 

I was supposed to dash over to the carpet last night after OnexOne to interview him. Was looking forward to it all day but got the call at the last minute that he couldn’t find his travel docs. It’s actually kind of adorable. 

And THAT is the real reason why Josh couldn’t make it.

Do you forgive him? 

File photos from WENN