For the first time in several years, former lovers Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson, Joey and Pacey, are in the same city at the same time. 

It means nothing. 

Though she may be tempted, in the deep reaches of her soul that have yet to be completely eradicated by Xenu, to see her old friend, Katie’s heart is not unlike Kay’s – frozen by splinters from the troll mirror in Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen, his personality cruelly transformed and entranced by the Snow Queen’s kiss, his memory paralysed, his loves forgotten, his family left behind.

Gerda eventually saves Kay with her hot tears and an enlightening kiss.

It was my favourite fairy tale growing up. I would read it alone when my dad raised me alone, working 3 jobs and struggling to stay awake. I was Gerda, dad was Kay. And if I behaved, maybe dad wouldn’t have to work so hard one day.

Now seeing KatE, captured by Tom, I wonder…who will come along with a warm river of salvation tears to rescue her from an eternity of fraud? 

Probably not Joshua Jackson.

Because Joshua Jackson is in love with Diane Kruger, shooting a new much anticipated tv show called Fringe, on set yesterday in Harlem getting more handsome every day.

Also attaching photos of Joshua at Comic-Con last month and Katie and Little Sci out and about in NYC last night.

PS. To the lovely lady I met last month at a marketing media event at Atelier last month with a longing for Joshua Jackson – it’s been confirmed he’ll be at TIFF. If Diane comes with him, chances are good he’ll be all over the Holt Renfrew party. Good luck.

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