While Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus are busy denying that they grinded on each other in a dive bar in New York the other day – click here for a refresher - Joshua Jackson’s been travelling around the world, and hasn’t given any indication on social media that he’s bothered by the reports.

His dad, however, is talking about the situation. Because that always works out for everyone. When YOUR DAD speaks up about your relationship. To Radar Online, of all places.

“She was having a good time in the Village restaurant,” Carter Jackson exclusively told Radar. “[Josh] would probably chuckle.”

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, witnesses said that the German actress, 39, was all over Reedus, 46, after arriving at a village dive bar on Friday at around 1:30 a.m, at one point even straddling him in his chair.

But Joshua’s dad isn’t disturbed by the graphic accounts of the incident.

“Basically I think Diane was been a wonderful influence on Josh so I wouldn’t say anything bad about her,” he explained. “Josh is just, in Hollywood this is rare, a really good kid.”

Carter Jackson, who has known his son’s girlfriend since about 2006, said he believes that a relationship like theirs is especially unusual in Hollywood.

“Josh has been raised in a really tough business and I think he’s really a sweet kid and I think Diane is too. So you see I’m not going to say anything about or my attitude towards the particular incident,” he told Radar. “It’s up to them. Both of them a really neat people though. And believe me, having spent so much time in Hollywood, there’s a lot of people I would not say that about.”

Ultimately, Joshua’s father said he wouldn’t fault Kruger for her alleged misbehavior.

Do you smell a Rogue Relative? George Clooney has one too. Click here for a refresher. The Rogue Relative will always handcuff the celebrity they’re related to. They drop bullsh-t all over the damn place and the celebrity can’t call them out without making adding family drama to whatever the initial drama was in the first place.

So that’s Joshua Jackson’s situation right now. His girlfriend may or may not be stepping out on him and his sketchy dad is mouthing off to the media. I wouldn’t want to come home either.