Do you follow Joshua Malina on Twitter? (Click here for his account)  I don’t know why not, if you don’t.  He might be the single best “just like us” celeb on that whole thing.  Malina’s Twitter breaks down to about 65% tweets about how he’s aware his celebrity life is annoying and he is too privileged to talk, ever, 10% things his kids say that remind him he’s not cool, and 25% telling Chris Brown he’s a horrible person.  Maybe 30%, actually.  So I’m down.

He’s the perfect amount of famous.  Only terribly geeky geeks would recognize him when he’s out getting a bagel so he can move around with impunity, he gets to work, and enjoy himself, but I guarantee he has never been paparazzi’d (although in her new book Rachel Dratch says she was, so maybe there’s a pap on everyone).   Malina flies under the radar totally. 


Not this totally.  Not so totally that if he tweets pictures of Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford and Richard Schiff all shooting together on something he labeled “West Wing Movie” that we would never have heard of it.   Right?  There would be negotiations and Sorkin takings-down and speculation and “can they get the whole gang back together”.  You know.  It would be like the Arrested Development Movie.  Like the Sex And The City ones.  All the joy would have been taken out of it before anything actually made it to screen. 

So I’m therefore kind of sorry to say, and kind of not, that given yesterday’s tweets from Malina  which include “Wolf!” (as in the boy who cried…) and swearing on the life of that certain douchebag mentioned earlier that the movie is real, well…it’s therefore probably not.   But it almost doesn’t matter, does it?  

Look at the joy this has given us West Wing devotees already.  Look how well-received their Funny Or Die – which wasn’t even all that funny – was a few months back.   All you have to do is get these people in the same room together, get Allison Janney a tailored shirt (Sigh. Most of my sartorial sadness is that I’ll never be able to wear a tailored shirt like that) and people will lose their minds.  Which we did.  Which Malina knew.

So whatever treat we’re getting – whatever tiny bit of candy is resulting in these people all in the same room – we’ll be lucky to get it, and therefore will love it … without all the speculation that would ruin an actual feature.   Right?

Update!  Schiff told Kevin Smith (don’t you love how these things get around) that it’s a West Wing PSA.  So like the last one, maybe, but with even better stars?  

What’s the issue? (Something election-related would be my guess.) And --where’s Donna?

Attached - Malina at the TCA a couple of weeks ago for Scandal.