No secret, Judd Apatow is hot. Everyone wants to work with him after a hot streak of success at the box office over the last 3 years. His latest release Funny People features an all-star cast led by Adam Sandler who is said to deliver his most affecting performance since Punch Drunk Love

Yeah, so, um, Eminem makes a cameo in the movie. Just saying. 

Anyway, Judd has been heavily engaged in promotion for Funny People, recently sitting down with Movieline to talk about everything from studio pressure to Princess AssTalk Katherine Heigl (more on that bitch later) to Tom Cruise.

Yes. Tom Cruise.

Apparently Tom sent for Judd one day and Judd had to go to his house and there was “chemistry” and now Judd definitely wants to work with him. 

Judd and Tom Cruise. 

Judd writes for Tom Cruise? 

Will Tom allow it with no interference? If so, it could be a monster hit. Maybe that’s when he’ll finally release Katie. 

Click here for the full Movieline article. Note how he handles the Heigl question. 

This is Judd at the Funny People premiere last week with Sandler and his wife Leslie Mann. I love Leslie Mann. But I did think it was really, really random that they showed up for the Costume Institute Gala. 

The Funny People trailer – Eric Bana is HILARIOUS.


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