American Dreamz DVD Contest winners

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 13, 2006 12:00:00 October 13, 2006 12:00:00
The contest was to predict from among my 6 candidates People Magazine"s upcoming Sexiest Man Alive . Like I said the other day - Patrick Dempsey is the favourite. But surprisingly enough, not by too much. George Clooney is making a charge - at least in your eyes. And even though People Magazine will likely go the MiniVan Majority route, given that their readers belong overwhelmingly in that constituency, it definitely would not be a slamdunk if you were the ones voting. So. It was a tough call, not based on actual prediction but on the defence of that prediction. I was on the Debate Team - can you tell? Three winners with rationale included are as follows: Nell H in NYC: - selected for her thorough knowledge of the industry My money"s on George Clooney for the win. People Magazine is owned by Time Inc. Time Inc. is owned by Time Warner, who also owns Warner Brothers. Warner Bros. Pictures not only produced but is also *distributing* Clooney"s Good German. Sure--The Departed has Warners to thank for some of its financing, but it"s opened already and only an Oscar win can cause any sort of major resurgance in the box office take at that point. Yes, DiCaprio"s Blood Diamond is also a Warners pic, but talk about a (stupidly, in my opinion) polarizing issue--especially when you think about what the carpet and after-party are going to look like in terms of dress. The Assassination of Jesse James is rumored to be a year away from opening--which gives a little glimpse into how Warners feels about putting Brad Pitt on the red carpet any time soon. Better let the temptress"s epic Beowulf open before the philanderer"s. Damon"s Good Shepherd is a Universal pic *and* reminds your "minivan majority" of the first sightings of Angie"s baby bump. With Clooney"s recent idea of "dating one woman a night," he"ll provide ample "candid" photos with celeb draw. Pictures from Syriana will give us a chance to see how sexy he is at any weight. An accompanying article can hit on how his "intelligence" and "interest in politics" are just as sexy as his smile. Camilla L- selected for a sound conspiracy vs logic argument I think that the winner is George Clooney. My "Conspiracy" Rationale: Mr. Clooney has been planning this since last year. During the awards season he kept bringing up that he was People"s Sexiest Man Alive in 1997 and that seems like a desperate public plea for him to regain that title. Then he"s all over the press in the last few months with his political involvements and various other smut provided by our favourite gossip bloggers . Hmmm..... The "Realistic" Rationale: The man is on a roll again. He has won awards and tons of recognition for his recent work. George has been involved in alot of political causes that have lead to talk (gossip?) of him seriously running for office! He"s my hero by making Ocean"s Thirteen and getting alot of hot looking men together on one screen. The Good German is getting good buzz. And very important, he"s still single. Ana V - selected for her selfish yet considerate reasoning I used to love Jude Law and then he won. It"s all fine and dandy that he"s all dandy but I assure you, nothing quivers. Used to love Matthew M. and then he won. And then what the crap happened then???????? Anyway i"m hoping, wishing, praying that Brad, George, Matt or Leo *don"t* win. SO Patrick is my pick. Let"s keep our hotties HOT! Thanks to all of you for playing. It"s a new partnership I"ve just worked out - we"ll be doing this about once a month…you like?

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