Attracted to Jude Law for the first time. And it’s not as though I’ve never seen him before. I saw him last year at TIFF. Was at a party, he was holding court with Ethan Hawke – both total greaseballs, Jude in a leather vest greaseball kind of way…you know what I mean? And that’s what he was wearing, actually. A tan leather vest over jeans. So not my thing.

But last night Jude was in a tux. And although I call him polka dot pansy, he does look dashing in a tux. Like, really really handsome…except I hate the way he poses – legs always too far spread apart as though his business is too much to handle. Total overcompensation, non?

Still…it wasn’t Jude in a tux that inspired a little quiver. It was actually Jude the Chivalrous. Norah seemed out of her element. And he never left her side. He was the perfect date without being a perv, the hot big brother looking out for his little sister, whispering encouragement, making her laugh, getting her to relax…it wasn’t romantic, not at all. But it was sweet and it was endearing and I was warmed.

What sent me over? They mounted the steps of the Palais, they left the carpet, and because they were the last to arrive at the Opening Ceremony, being the stars of the opening night film, they entered the theatre (best way I can describe it) as everyone else was already seated.

They were expected to go through a small gate down an aisle flanked by audience members who were standing and clapping. Norah looked overwhelmed. So Jude leaned over, unlatched the gate, put his hand at the small of her back, said something to her that made her smile, and motioned her forward to receive her adoring public. It was so charming, that brief moment of a gentleman’s touch, not that he opened a door for her but something in the way he did it, the natural way he moved towards her, the conspiratorial grin he gave her – I’m right behind you, I’m not going away, you can count on me – I have to tell you I was swooning.

Quiveration direction change…am as surprised as you are.