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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 14, 2006 12:00:00 September 14, 2006 12:00:00
Joshua Jackson: another fan of the eTalk Lounge – he couldn’t stay out of it! Joshua was on the Bobby junket all day Wednesday, popped in several times for coffee and just to hang out, at one point, he was talking during the Lopez interview while the door was open so a producer had to duck her head out and he adorably offered to shut the door, jokingly guarding it with his arms folded across his chest. He’s very sweet, very friendly, no movie star airs about him, a total charmer, and (sorry girls) totally in love with Diane Kruger. They’ve been all over town this week, although I think she’s gone now, they did share a romantic evening on Tuesday night at Vaticano (xo Emma!). First they stood outside kissing for an eternity, then they joined the party inside, took a table in the back room with Emilio Estevez, and spent the rest of the evening gazing at each other, kissing each other, as if there was no one else in the restaurant. Suffice to say, more than just a summer romance. Jude Law & Ethan Hawke: Ethan’s The Hottest State premiered tonight. And then he rolled into the afterparty hosted by Valentino at Kultura Social Dining , quite obviously the hotspot in Toronto these days. Kultura is owned by Hanif Harji and whatever he’s doing, it’s working like a charm because Vince Vaughn had his private party there last week and Matt Damon and his wife had a private dinner there the night after s0 if you’re in the city and stargazing is your thing, you might want to hit it up. So anyway, Ethan gets to his party, he’s as rakish in person as you see in photos. Looks better than he has in months, raspy voice, not my type but I can see how some girls would find him sexy… in that dirty gunge kind of way, he’s been described in the past as being “wolf-ish”, and that’s exactly what he is. Half an hour later, a black SUV pulls up…Jude Law’s bodyguard gets out, he clears things with the door, then his gorgeous assistant hops out, and then there’s Jude, hair is perfect, white shirt under a beautifully cut jacket, all the girls around us on the red carpet were swooning, he breezed in, joined Ethan upstairs in a roped off section, and the two held court for the rest of the night, two playboys in the corner just getting started. Again, our cameras were there, you can check it out on eTalk on Thursday or on CTV Broadband late Thursday evening/Friday morning in Europe.

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