It’s a full blown obsession now, tracking Cameron’s closet and all the wonderful things coming out of it. Have a look, The Holiday premiere in Spain, the only thing wrong with these photos is that Jude Law is in one of them. Maybe he should just give in and get plugs, you know? But enough of tight-trouser dandies, this is about Cam… the bold dress few can truly own, the legs that stretch for miles, and of course the killer nude pumps, similar to what she wore on Jay Leno but still remarkably different, and if you ask me, the girl is putting on a clinic in modern style, ESPECIALLY because she’s been workin’ only 2 or 3 pairs of shoes with such aplomb and versatility. Which brings me to an email I received from Leanne K yesterday, rebuking me for focusing too much on Cam’s repeat footwear: ENOUGH WITH DIAZ'S SHOES!!!! OMG! They were quite fantastic that first time, still ok the second time, but after the 7th time in a row she"s worn them, give it up!! Would a "style icon" (with unlimited shoe resources) really wear the same pair twice in a row? let alone MORE THAN TWICE IN A ROW?? it doesn"t matter how fantastic the shoes are, or if they go with every outfit, when you"re a celebrity (or even a regular girl with a decent salary), you don"t wear them EVERY DAY!!! Sorry Leanne…can we agree to disagree? I think wearing a new pair of shoes every day is too easy, too expected, too Kate Beckinsale. The fact that she’s rockin’ it with the same ones, without giving up fresh or originality…isn’t that the true challenge? Is that what sets Cam apart? Funny that. Funny that it used to be the other way around. That HE was too good for HER. That Pipsqueak could do so much better. Suffice to say, I’m retracting those statements. Because if you ask me, she’s wasting her time waiting for his balls to drop. Dear Cam: ditch the Pip. Source