Having seen Sienna Miller in person at Burger King, I can almost picture how she must have been during this interview with The Guardian. Simply put, the girl is off the rails. It was pretty pathetic when she was cussing her face off on her cell phone at the airport in Salt Lake City but during an interview? I have to admit I do appreciate her refreshing candour. So many celebrities give canned, prepared, rehearsed responses, most of them don’t dare stray from what they think we want to hear: - I’m so grateful for what I have. - I’m just an ordinary person with an extraordinary job - I definitely want babies - I don’t do drugs - I don’t read about myself in the tabloids. In other words: bull-f*cking-sh-t. With Sienna, with Sienna it’s a little different. She seems incapable of holding herself in check, she seems incapable of getting outside her own narcissistic self involvement, so that when she’s asked to talk about herself, she actually can’t help but reveal herself, believing her own lies and contradictions in the process, and it’s why as much as I find her vexing, I’m also extremely fascinated. Grudgingly… I suppose that’s what they call “It”. And “It” I will give her, though let’s stop short of Fashion Icon, shall we? So for those who found the Burger King episode a little far fetched, perhaps these excerpts from The Guardian article will convince you otherwise. Sienna on Sienna without censor: On apologising for “sh-tsburgh”: …I was halfway through shooting a movie called The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh and the producers were understandably very distressed at the riot I had caused, so it was kind of damage control. I understand the patriotism of that city, but really I don"t think it was that big a deal. I had to meet the mayor live on TV and apologise. It was huge! People are dying in Iraq and where is our focus, d"you know what I mean? Having met me, you"ll realise these things just come out. I think it might be mild Tourette"s, not to insult people who have proper Tourette"s, but I will say the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate time to the most inappropriate person. Always. Guaranteed. On other ways of offending other cities: "Massivetwosh-ts is Massachusetts. Connectic-nt, or Connectibutt. (My friends and I) We came up with loads." On why Jude Law: "Heeheeheeh! Everything about him. He"s an incredibly brilliant, intelligent, funny, charismatic, vivacious, kind, beautiful, rich ... Don"t put the last thing." On being a tabloid target: (Apparently she “devours all that appears about her) I looked at it like a car crash. You"ve just got to look. On the appeal of drugs: ‘Cos they"re fun! "Cos they"re f-ckloads of fun! No, don"t write that. I always end up putting my big fat foot in it… I mean, I still love a waterfall or the odd hallucinogenic drug. I liked mushrooms, which were legal until a year or so ago. If I had a drug of choice, it would be magic mushrooms." On ciggies: I love them. Love them. I think the more positive approach you have to smoking, the less harmful it is. I know it"s an irreponsible thing to say (you think???), but I do know people who are 86 and smoked 60 a day and died of old age and other people who smoked for two years and died of lung cancer at 40. So there is no formula. However, there is cancer in my family, so ..." (She’s an idiot, non?) And finally… Sienna gets profound: "George Bush. Dick Cheney, more importantly, the most terrifying man. The fact that we"re fighting a war in Iraq and most of the people over there dying don"t even know why they"re there. There"s an image of Americans in a tank, and an Iraqi woman walks down the street and she sees the tank and the soldiers just run her over. They think she"s getting a weapon and they shoot her, and she"s holding a white hankie. It"s the most futile ... it upsets me more than anything. Also, I don"t want to pretend we live in a democracy when we"ve got 78% of the country that don"t want to be at war, and we"re still at war. Basically, we"re living under a fascist regime." And that’s when we fell off the cliff. Sienna Miller on Sienna Miller I can handle. But Sienna Miller on world issues? Sienna Miller on Fascism? If Sienna Miller could actually define Fascism, I’ll say nice things about Jennifer Aniston for 3 months. Bitch…please. Source