Have you seen The Holiday? My poor husband was forced to sit through it with me yesterday only because he felt sorry for my sorry sick ass. It was too long and it sucked and we spent the entire time: 1. appalled at Cameron Diaz’s acting range. Honestly…she is the worst actor, like, ever. 2. wondering why the story couldn’t revolve more around Kate Winslet and Jack Black. And I can’t stand Jack Black. 3. repulsed by Jude Law’s greaseball tan 4. fascinated by Jude Law’s swirly curly baby hair coil. See attached. Seriously gossips… I don’t get it. My loins don’t get it. Dude is a Dandy. Dude is not a Manly, especially not when he rocks the supertight crotch pants and sticks out his bum – check it out: Jude and Cam in Tokyo today for the Japanese premiere of their sh-tty movie. LOVE her shoes. DO NOT love him…but apparently Lindsay Lohan does? Word is she was all over him in NYC a few days ago – clandestine encounters two nights in a row, much to the chagrin of Sienna Miller. If true, he’s pathetic… though truth be told, his appeal could very well be limited to 20 year olds who get off on an accent and not much else. As such, Lindsay and Jude? Perfection. Source