Around this time every year for the last 3 years, I have made my prediction for People Magazine"s Sexiest Man Alive. As it stands, I"m 2 for 3 with Jude Law as the only aberration and accurately naming Matthew McConaughey six weeks in advance 12 months ago. Sorry for the gloat. Anyway, it"s about that time again, although I"m not sure anyone wants to claim the title anymore. There seems to be a bit of a curse, non? First Jude Law went naughty with the nanny, then Matthew McConaughey went from tasty sweaty to nasty gunge fungus hairy man in the space of a few short months. Blech. As for the glaringly obvious - the lack of minority…hey, you"re preaching to the converted. There"s only been one over 2 decades so don’t shoot the observer, ok? But… SOMEONE has to wear the crown … So who will it be? Tough, tough year. There are the obvious choices and still I"m a gambler, going out on a limb, my money is on a long shot. The contenders below: