I"m starting to think we might be on to something. They say that there"s a curse with In Style Magazine, that if you"re engaged and if you appear on the cover with a wedding dress on, you don"t end up getting married. Then of course there"s the MTV thing: Nick & Jess, Carmen & Dave, that Moakler woman & Travis…all went bust, all sold on television. Now we"ve yet to make it a long trend, only 2 so far, but is it possible that the title of Sexiest Man Alive brings with it some nasty consequences? First Jude Law, named SMA late 2004, and 9 months into his tenure, the nanny comes forward to expose his scum. Then one year later, another philanderer. Matthew McConaughey was golden all year, right up until the Penelope split. Now come summer, the lustre is lacking and what"s worse, he"s downright f&ckin" annoying. One bikeride, two bikerides, a few jogs on the beach…I can handle that. But enough is enough. What"s with the caveman routine? And why the sudden allergy to upper body clothing? Where his sweat used to be sexy, it"s now an alarming level of grease, and the single man cross country pimp-fest isn"t doing it for me either. Because knowing the inner dog is one thing, seeing it every frickin" day with a Texas wingman on display is another matter entirely. And to think he was once up for Freebie 5 consideration??? Not on your life. NEVER EVER again.