From the French, something about his contribution to cinema. And much as I’m confounded by the quiveration he inspires in some, much as I can’t stand his cockadoodle dandy appeal, I do agree about Jude’s acting resumé - it’s true that he’s limited his sh-tty appearances, it’s true that he could have sold out a lot harder and a lot more often than he has. And if his star of late hadn’t been tainted by the dramatic involvement with Sienna Miller, perhaps we’d still be able to talk about him without smirking.

Jude’s keepin’ it low and quiet these days, bonding with the kids, taking a break from fame life. I hear he and Sienna still do talk once in a while, usually when she’s in a state, after a night of drinking her face off, or when she’s coming off whatever she’s doing and she’s feeling low. But while there is still genuine affection there, there is also zero chance of giving it another go. Professionally and personally, putting up with her sh-t nearly killed him. And according to those close to both, they are much much much better off apart. Wait. Correction: he is much much much better. SHE is still a f&cking trainwreck.