Jude Law and a question about armpit hair

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 25, 2006 12:00:00 April 25, 2006 12:00:00
So here"s Jude at play with his kids. Very charming, doting family, all good. I"ve never been a Jude Law admirer myself. Polka dot pretty boys aren"t my thing. Especially ones that don’t look like they can throw a ball without breaking a nail. However, I can appreciate that Jude is a beautiful man. I can understand why legions of women and nannies the world over would put him numero uno on their Freebie 5. But I"m looking at this guy and I"m trying to decide if he shaves his pits and I can"t see any DEFINITIVE hair and I have to assume that he does and the question is - is that ok??? Asian guys, I can totally understand. We Asians have wiry, pin straight hair. It grows up and away from the scalp, without any sort of bend that molds naturally to the scalp. I once decided to go for the "Natalie Portman" do in my early twenties. Big mistake. It would not flatten, it would not cooperate, it would only rise, it would never fall, and I cannot remember ever looking so f&ckin" ugly in my entire life. It also didn"t help that I had just gotten all 4 of my wisdom teeth out at once and was 15 pounds lighter than Nicole Richie, inspiring my ever loving and politically sensitive mother to lament that she had given birth to a beggar girl from Shenzhen, China - one of those port cities where children are forced into slave labour and get their fingers cut off so that sympathetic tourists will spare a generous dollar. But I digress. So while some of my people (think Lucy Liu) are blessed with thick, shiny manes, it"s an entirely different story in the nether regions - especially under the arms. In that clammy habitat, Asian hair is spikey and sparse and disgustingly uneven. Take Maddox Jolie-Pitt"s maddhawk for example. Now put his maddhawk under the arm. You see what I mean? But non-Asian hair is different. Non-Asian underarm hair is puffy and cute. It curls and tucks itself unobtrusively in a neat yet manly man manner. My husband"s tuft has this characteristic. As do most men who don’t classify under "my people." So back to Jude Law. If the head hair is any indication, he probably doesn"t have an out of control problem in the arm area. But the lack of growth implies grooming. And so the question remains - aside from David Beckham, who can get away with almost anything - what do we think of guys that groom under their arms? I"m inclined NOT to dig it. But then again, maybe I just don"t dig Jude Law. Photos from JustJared

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