Emile Wank Hirsch doesn’t think you’re good enough. How dare you play Hamlet. Only E Wank can play Hamlet. After all, he “conceived” of the modern day version of Hamlet, haven’t you heard?

Wanky says get the f-ck off his stage.

This is Jude last night in London leaving Wyndham’s Theatre where he is performing, to Emile’s artistic dismay, as Hamlet to wonderful reviews – click here for a taste. It’s a role that has reportedly revived him, reignited his creative fire, and perhaps for this reason, he’s looking better, healthier, more handsome than he has in a long time. Almost quiver worthy, non?

Jude is spending the summer on the stage. Good interview here about the production.

Emile of course probably thinks it’s amateur.

Photos from BIG PICTURES/Bauergriffinonline.com