Jude Law was shooting in Toronto through the fall, for the most part flew under the radar, especially towards the end of production, and then kept a pretty low profile the last few months. He landed in Vancouver yesterday to begin work on The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus – the last of 3 actors completing what Heath Ledger left behind.

From Flynet - fresh off a long flight, Jude looks relaxed, tanned, and appeared to be alone, not travelling with security or assistants, and very friendly and polite to the crew.

As for the quiver factor … sorry, still not there for me. It’s that little squiggle on top of his head, and the way he wears his pants. And how low the scoop neck always is on his tee shirts. And for some reason you can always see nipple. Ugh.

Am not evolved enough for Euro style. Bad me?

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