After Zach Galifianakis’s brilliant hosting performance on Saturday Night Live, Jude Law must have let out a bloodcurdling “f-ck me”. Because how to follow that? Will Ferrell would have had a hard time following that. Then again, no one has those expectations of Jude Law. I actually think he’ll be good.

Today should be his first day at work with the writers and Lorne Michaels. That’s usually how the schedule works. But first, breakfast with Sienna Miller. They walked separately to avoid being photographed together, unwilling this go round to offer up their relationship for public consumption which is part of what got them into trouble last time. That and the nanny. For weeks now the two have remained largely undercover after the public family holiday on the beach around Christmas, low key in London, finding their way back after 3 years apart. Hoping this time it lasts. They’re not as good when they’re apart. Also...he should really keep that beanie from falling backward.

Photos from Jose Perez/