People is reporting exclusively that pretty Jude Law will not be charged for his attack-a-pap incident from last month. Jude as you recall became enraged outside his home in September when he spotted a photographer who claimed Jude barrelled over unwarranted and proceeded to abuse him.

Jude told the magazine he was “delighted to be vindicated”.

Meanwhile, dandy is hard at work in Toronto for Repossession Mambo. I hear he’s working out hard and eating healthy – as evidenced in these exclusive eTalk photos taken the other day of Jude shopping and smiling at Whole Foods. His male assistant is with him but not pictured. Together, they are apparently very very very easy on the eyes.

Strangely, I actually find him rather easy on my loins today too. Something about his side profile, his beautiful nose, his hat, he looks happy and therefore surprisingly kinda sexy. This is new territory. Jude doesn’t normally affect the loins.

As my gay friend George would say – maybe you’re just ovulating. Snort.