There’s a move that Jude Law makes at the end of The Holiday, and the only way I can describe it is with the word “shimmy”, which is a word I hate, but that’s what he does, he “shimmies” up to Cameron Diaz, and …it kinda works. It helps that he’s wearing a great suit and he’s lit beautifully and he’s just so f-cking handsome, but mostly it’s the way he’s moving his body. Even though “shimmy” is a gross word, he doesn’t look gross doing it.

I thought of that while I was watching his short film for Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The video came out a few days ago but I only got around to watching it last night. You know what? Didn’t hate it. Was actually kinda charmed. I think it’s because Jude and Giancarlo Giannini seem like they’re really enjoying each other. Was I expecting more of a dance routine? Yes. But I’m also totally OK that there were no feet flying around or jazz hands and that Katie Holmes didn’t show up. They kept him where he lives – in the confined space of a “shimmy”. It’s the right call.

Attached – Jude at the British Grand Prix last month.