Jude Law is currently in London performing in the West End in a production of Anna Christie at the Donmar Warehouse. The reviews have unanimously positive. The Daily Telegraph says he delivers “humour, tenderness and sudden moments of intense physical and emotional violence”; The Guardian says it’s the best work of Jude’s career and that this is the role that “releases Law from the tyranny of always being seen as the good-looking lead man and allows him to become a character actor”; and the Evening Standard agrees with this assessment, noting that Jude “exudes a visceral toughness that may just shape an entirely new career path for him”.

Well done Jude. It’s not easy to add another dimension to an acting career, particularly one that had so much focus on beauty. I wish I’d had the opportunity to see Jude as Hamlet. They say he was arresting. Now they say he’s even better in Anna Christie. He’s on until October. If you’re in London and you have the chance, when this craziness finally comes to end, you should check it out for yourself.

Or you could go to the movies on September 9th and watch him in Contagion. Several posters for the film were released this week. And also attached - Jude last night at a party to celebrate the press performance of Anna Christie. He looks exhausted, but exhilarated too.

(Gulp, can I just be a tiny bitch and point out that Ryan Phillippe was at Alexis Knapp’s side when she gave birth to their daughter, and, um, hasn’t put up a fight and fully intends to support the child even though theirs was a brief affair, which...like...wasn’t what Jude’s situation was like at all and I’m kinda mad at him for making Ryan look good by comparison?)

Photos from Dave M. Benett/Gettyimages.com