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Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 29, 2009 15:05:50 July 29, 2009 15:05:50

Jude Law is fertile!

He already has 3 children with Sadie Frost, now has confirmed exclusively that Jude is expecting a 4th child with a mystery woman. Apparently they are no longer involved but intend to parent together.

Which means he needs to work harder for the money.

Jude already sends over a huge portion of his pay to Sadie, has been very open in the past about his money woes, and will now be looking for more high paying gigs to support the lifestyle and the baby mothers and the children.

Well it’s certainly not Hamlet. Jude makes scale on the stage. So his agent has been on the phone all day. And, obviously, for so many more reasons now, fingers crossed for the Sherlock sequel.

This is Jude leaving the Wyndham Theatre last night.

Click here to read his announcement today.

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