It’s men’s semi-final day at Wimbledon. I’ve got one eye on the Djokovic-Del Potro match right now. It’s a good one. After they’re done, Andy Murray takes centre court. With an entire country behind him, including Jude Law, who’s watching from the Royal Box, not far from that bore Pippa Middleton. Could Henry Cavill make Pippa Middleton more interesting? Could Pippa Middleton make Henry Cavill more interesting? Wake up!

As for Jude…

You know, big ups to him for not fighting it. Better this than what John Travolta keeps doing, right?

Murray is playing Jerzy Janowicz later. He’s Polish. Not JERR-ZEEE as I’ve learned. There were, like, 3 Jerzys at my wedding. It’s “yeh-zhuh”. The “zhuh” sound is like the French “je”. So now you know who my father-in-law will be cheering for.

Me? I’d like to see the first British man in 77 years win at home. But I’ve been known to be a foolproof jinx. So …go Jerzy?