Jude Law.

SO handsome. As handsome as he’s been the last two or three years, seen here at the London premiere tonight of Anna Karenina which is supposed to be one of the contenders this award season ... if it’s any good. AK is coming to TIFF on Friday. The screening is at 6pm, same time as Ryan Gosling’s. Last time I saw Jude at TIFF it was 5 years ago. Sienna Miller was there that year too. They were on and offing.

This year Jude’s extra festival activities will be charitable. He’s involved with a couple of events for Artists For Peace And Justice with Paul Haggis on the weekend. And maybe afterwards he’ll find time to catch up with his friend Gwyneth Paltrow. Remember this?

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As for Keira Knightley, the dress is good from the waist up. I’m not into how rigid the skirt seems. And also I feel like I’ve seen it on her before. It’s right in her comfort zone.