Hamlet made him hot-ish again? He’s playing Hamlet at Wyndham’s Theatre and they say his star power is selling out every show. But he’s also backing it up. Receiving solid reviews, even though David Tennant had already taken on the role, and brilliantly, just this January. Still one reviewer has called Jude’s performance “intense and internal rather than declamatory and he illuminates the meaning of every line, a clarity that may stand well with the younger audience that this production is sure to garner”.

Not bad, right?

And Jude as Hamlet is worth seeing if you’re a gossip lover too:

“Law’s lack of obscurity results in a strange, multilayered experience where you cannot help but see Hamlet and his own ghosts from past films. There’s Alfie, as Law appears in a slightly sleazy raincoat; there’s the bravery of the grey soldier from Cold Mountain in the final sword fight; and up pops the young buck of the Primrose Hill Set, as Law tells Ophelia “Get thee to a nunnery” and you inadvertently hear “Get thee to the Priory”.

Not sure if I believe this but some London gossips are buzzing that Jude and Sienna Miller are talking again. Just talking, nothing more. Apparently she wants to come see the show but doesn’t want the frenzy that will erupt if she’s spotted. Well, HE doesn’t want the frenzy. She lives for the frenzy. Keep you posted.

Photos from Wenn.com