Jude fights bad taste

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 15, 2009 12:45:38 July 15, 2009 12:45:38

Despite his cheesedick sheer shirt from last week, Jude Law is very, very, VERY close to making it on the Freebie 5. Thanks to Shakespeare.

Jude and Hamlet are fighting the good fight. They will not let good taste die. No matter how hard Stephenie Meyer tries to kill it, Jude via The Bard is battling for young souls, and last night scored a small victory.

They gave free tickets to students for yesterday’s performance – ages 26 and under from schools and drama colleges encouraging young people to support the theatre. And they did. 780 of them completely riveted by Jude as Hamlet, totally focused on the play, mesmerised by the intensity, and of course…the material. The material has stood up for hundreds of years. Oh yeah, and Jude is hot again. Which is why they lost their sh-t at the end, screaming their tits off.

Here’s how one 18 year old reviewed it: "I was screaming because it was wicked. And I don't even fancy Jude Law. I've been to two plays before but I fell asleep in them. This one was different because you could really relate to Jude Law being so angry and crazy. It's changed my mind about theatre."

And Jude summed it up as follows:

"They were a fantastic audience. Tonight was a wonderful and important night. Creating the next generation of theatregoers is vital to keep the work we do alive."

Jude spent quite a while with the fans after the show, signing autographs and taking photos, looking great in his jeans and a plain tee, making a very solid argument for his entry on the Freebie 5.


Photos from Wenn.com

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