After a few days of gorgessity in LA with Sienna Miller, Jude Law is now in New York, seen walking jovially with a friend in Soho yesterday. Photo Assumption says Jude is happy. Happier than he’s been in a long time. Happy because he’s happiest with Sienna. Happiest and, as noted, prettiest with Sienna. And most of us have been there before: when you’re happy in love, it can affect other parts of your life, it can improve other relationships...

Jude and his buddy are pretty adorable, non?

Yeah I don’t like what he’s wearing either. But there’s assy style and different style. Assy style is Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise cannot dress. His clothes are suck. With Jude it’s not a matter of assy style so much as a matter of North American style preference or, some would argue, lack thereof. My father in law, Polish, wears speedos. You know. And he thinks North American men in long shorts at the beach is totally low classy. And stupid. In fact, he’s very vocal about the stupid part. Because why go to the beach and cover half your body?

It’s the same when it comes to Jude’s action. His suit fits perfectly. And the pants hang just right. And if he walked down the street in Paris or Milan with his cuffs rolled up, he’d probably find several other dudes doing exactly the same. And those same dudes would look at how people wear their clothes in North American and express disdain in return.

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