It’s freaking me out that Jude Law has a 15 year old son. Almost 15. Rafferty will be 15 in October. Unless this is Rudy. But Rudy is supposed to be 8. And while I’m no expert on children, I think I can tell when a kid’s not 8.

Here are the Laws, Jude and Rafferty, out for lunch together in St John’s Wood this week. They look alike, right? Like super cute, right? I mean, Connor Cruise looks like Tom (to me), but Rafferty, he REALLY looks like Jude... non? Just me?

Also, Rafferty already seems really concerned with his hair. Which...I have a nephew who is turning 13 this year and he’s been really concerned with his hair for a year or so now. Cracks me up.

Speaking of hair, and Jude’s, it’s, um, not my favourite. BUT. I appreciate that he’s not spray-painting around it like John Travolta.

There are a few readers who kept yelling at me during Cannes because I wasn’t giving Jude enough love for looking so great night in and night out on the carpet in various tuxes and suits as a member of the jury. Lots of emails, sometimes pleading, sometimes straight up angry.

He really did look great. He really does wear it well. He never did stumble once while he was there. So here’s a gallery of Jude at Cannes. I wonder if he stresses out about whether or not his kids want to get into acting.

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