Can"t exactly explain it but there"s something about these two, particularly the way they hold hands, the way their bodies align, the coordinated gait - like I said, I can"t explain but I think it"s totally hot. When he"s with her, even his head seems less enormous, you know what I mean? Better together than they are apart, Jude and Sienna totally work for me, and though I"d bet your boob job he"s still on the stray, I do really like this game, I"m buying what they"re selling… Which of course is All the King"s Men for him (terrible reviews, he really needs your help) and Factory Girl for her - a performance that has impressed so many people she"s actually generating Oscar buzz. Needless to say, there"s much riding on both careers this Fall. And that"s why I FULLY believe they were *just* going to the movies yesterday afternoon in London. Photo source