Remember when my friend Lara and I were cut down by Anna Wintour’s eyes at the MET Gala a few years ago? Click here for a refresher. It was the best. I mean, you know that woman is a Master Bitch. And to have experienced it first hand... these are the small joys of the job.

It was the same, though to a much lesser extent, because come on now, with Nicole Richie on Friday afternoon as NBC presented at the TCA winter press tour.

Nicole was there with Fashion Star, her new show also featuring Jessica Simpson and Elle Macpherson. After the panel and the print media, all the talent came down the hall for their electronic interviews with tv press. I wasn’t on the list to interview her because our network isn’t carrying the show but we all shared the same hallway. A narrow hallway.

Here’s what Nicole Richie is: she’s exactly the girl who’s surrounded by conspiratorial friends who laugh at everything she says and who will not move when someone else comes down the corridor and needs to pass. This happened to a friend of mine who needed to get by her. You go around Nicole Richie. You squeeze yourself into a little space so she doesn’t have to inconvenience herself to take a small step forward to accommodate your passage. That’s Nicole Richie.

Which is also what I had to do when I passed her in the hall, only I received a once over, after which she leaned into her friends and made a snide remark with an eyeroll, probably about the size of my ass. Her friends reacted accordingly. And so it is when a celebrity behaves exactly the way they’re supposed to according to the playbook: judged by Nicole Richie and deemed unworthy, this is what I have in common now with Jessica Simpson. Huzzah!