Sienna Miller, who is competing for the cutest pregnancy ever title against Drew Barrymore, was on vacation in Italy and snapped having a glass of champagne.

Not a major story, but I was on Baby Center, which is a huge resource website for pregnancy and infants, because my son is teething and I needed some info (namely, when does this hell end). But I came across a few forum threads on Sienna Miller drinking. It’s a hot topic.

This is a classic bait-and-switch mommy conversation. Someone posts a seemingly innocent question like, “Hey I saw these photos of Sienna Miller drinking and just wondering if anyone had a glass of wine while they were pregnant?” and when someone says yes, they get rapped on the knuckles, “Oh I never would, but I was just curious.” It’s like a generation of Regina Georges grew up and had babies.

Many of the comments were “She’s European, it’s much more acceptable there” and “It’s fine, I had a glass of wine or beer occasionally.” Of course there were also the fervent teetotalers. But the tone turns so quickly, like Sienna’s glass of champagne and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome stats are correlated.

Judgy moms thrive on the opportunity to be the teacher’s pet. To get on these forums and say, “I gave up everything when I was pregnant. I was good. She is bad.” And Sienna is the perfect buffer for this badness, because she’s not exactly a beloved female celebrity. She can be judged in the abstract, she’s not a friend who’s 7 months pregnant having a glass of red at your dinner table.

You get a lot of strange advice when you are pregnant. My favorite is someone telling me to smoke pot to help with morning sickness. I don’t think you’ll read about that in any baby books. (No, of course I didn’t.)

But managing what you put in your body during pregnancy is a way of exercising some control over a process that feels very out of control. So did I drink? No, but I’m not a big drinker anyways. I drank before I knew I was pregnant, for sure. I did occasionally eat things on the no-go list, like sashimi, soft cheese and prosciutto. I drank coffee all through my pregnancy and I probably forgot my prenatal vitamin more often than not. I don’t know if this is better or worse than having a drink, or if it’s all just OK.  But I do know if she was spotted smoking, she’d probably have to go into hiding.