Why no, I haven’t finished all of Transparent. I’m going in stages because I don’t want it to be all gone. I’m relishing it slowly and privately. I’m loving each of the Pfeffermans individually, but I’m struck by how much I missed Judith Light. Like her moves are so familiar, some of them – they’ve just been gone from my TV screen for 20-odd years. 

Maybe that’s why I had such a big reaction to her look tonight. Look at this! Not only doesn’t she age, but her look and her hair and everything – she had this all nailed in, like, 1989, and has just been waiting, all this time, for the rest of us to catch up.

It’s so damn cool and so timeless. If I don’t yet have a tux, can I start with a cream-coloured one or do you have to do black first? Like a series of karate belts in reverse?