I was so frustrated with all the pale lips last night. No one really came out with a strong, bold lip colour. And several people could have used a strong bold lip colour. We will get to them soon.

Judith Light did not go with a strong bold lip. But her pale lip was one of the few I appreciated. Because she didn’t need it. There is NOTHING lacking in this outfit, in this whole look. I love how you can barely – barely! – see the piece of sheer fabric holding together the front. I love the way the beads swirl low around her hips. I love the metallic bands that dip low on the cleavage, around the waist, and around her wrists. I love that she did not over-accessorise. Mostly, though, I love how hard she is feeling herself. And she should. Judith Light, at 67, is still serving it better than most.