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In The Unlikely Event review

Duana Posted by Duana at June 8, 2015 19:18:56 June 8, 2015 19:18:56
Brent N. Clarke/ Bennett Raglin/ Getty Images

Spoilers everywhere – come back if you haven’t finished. You know, usually I am not afraid of endings. Usually I am the one who says things like “I’d rather something end well, early, than go on too long”. I am unsentimental, not because I’m heartless, but because usually, there are lots of things to love. Full Review

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In The Unlikely Event

Duana Posted by Duana at June 2, 2015 15:25:29 June 2, 2015 15:25:29
Laura Cavanaugh/ Steve Sands/ Getty Images

It’s a momentous day. There hasn’t been a day like this in almost 20 years. Today, Judy Blume releases her new book, In The Unlikely Event. I know a lot of you feel the way Lainey and I feel about that. That Judy Blume ushered you through your childhood, was accessible but not overbearing and condescending in your adolescence, and somehow seemed to be a friend who’d always been there in adulthood. Full Review