You know Judy Greer. We all know Judy Greer. We’ve all seen a Judy Greer movie. I promise you, we’ve all probably seen at least two Judy Greer movies.

Judy Greer is the only thing I liked about The Descendants, a film that continues to confuse me for all the love it’s received from the critics’ boards and associations, with a wickedly embarrassing voiceover and the kind of vision and directing you’d expect from a 25 year old hipster filmmaker right out of film school. What am I missing?

But if not for The Descendants, Judy Greer would not be receiving so much time in the spotlight. Hand up, let me stop you right there. I’m aware of her resume. I’m aware of her work, much of it worthy. But she presented last night. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards. I’m just saying that’s the kind of Clooney Effect I can live with. As opposed to, say, a Stacy Keibler workout video, you know what I mean?