Vampires are supposed to be breathtakingly beautiful but have a look at these photos of Julia Jones and BooBoo Stewart arriving in Vancouver…

Depends on how they style them, I guess, because the Cullens and all their f-cked up wigs are nowhere near as pretty as these two and their onscreen mother.

Julia plays “Leah” and BooBoo “Seth” and they were joined also by Alex Rice who’ll take on the part of “Sue Clearwater”. Alex is Canadian, born in Quebec, and is “an active and proud member of the Mohawk Nation”.

Also spotted at the airport coming in for work on Eclipse was Gil Birmingham. And the wolf pack was sighted on a rainy day in Vancouver too. They always look like they’re modelling an ad in a magazine, non?

As for what the cast has been working on this week – first few days it was fight training, learning how to battle an army of new vampires. Then yesterday “Jacob” runs with “Bella” in his arms while he tells her why he doesn’t want to be the top dog even though it’s his birthright.

And now it’s time for the Twi-Hard hatemail, your favourite.

No one has yet been able to match the artistic flair of The Swears by Tonya because, come on, genius like that is rare and beautiful.

But my TIFF BFF Alan W’s post the other day about the Craigslist ad, obviously intended for laughs, certainly incited the crazy. Lesson learned: Twi-Hards have no sense of humour and they take everything very, very literally.

Here’s Catherine from Hoboken:

You are a f-cken c-nt faced whore to say that Rob is gay! Rob would never do something so disgusting! How dare you sit in your rat c-nt little corner pointing fingers accusing people, why because you were WRONG about ROBSTEN?????????? Is that why you’re such a bitter bitch? I’m warning you this is the last time I will tolerate your incinuations. You better watch your words Lainey. Watch your f-cken self.

Next we have Anna L. While Anna L may not be as ferocious as Catherine, she does seem to know “Rob” very well, and feels compelled to defend him, so much so that she had to write me twice in one day.

Her first message:

That was very low of you by putting a picture of Rob with this post. It's obvious the ad is fake, or written by some jerk bored with his own life pretending to be someone he is not. The ad was removed from the site, that says everything right there. Why did you feel the need to associate it with Rob in any way? That was NOT him who wrote that, that much is obvious. The guy has never done anything to you, why do you keep disrespecting and talking trash about him like that? Such ridiculous rumours are the last thing he needs right now and you just contributed to them. Do you enjoy spewing bullsh-t about people you don't even know? It very much looks like it, what a lowlife you are, really.

Seriously, no actual actor would post anything like this on a public site, and even mention being an actor, that's just too stupid. And I assume you know that very well. So was there really any need for that? You just proved right there how full of sh-t you are by actually posting this crap on your site. You have absolutely no credibility left.

Later on, Anna decided she wasn’t done. Fuelled by her duty to protect Pattinson she once again took the time to speak on behalf of “this boy”. I very much appreciate the way she describes him, because of course she knows him very well, and it was a pleasure to gain her insight on his personality, his desires, his motivations, and especially his feelings. Thank you Anna for allowing us to truly see Robert Pattinson:

I've noticed you just can't stop bashing Robert Pattinson whatever he does and keep disrespecting him. May I ask the reason behind it? Why do you hate this boy that much? He's never done anything to you, or any other person for that matter. Why so much bitterness and hatred towards him? If someone doesn't deserve such harsh treatment, it's him.

He's a good, humble person. I would understand if he was an attention-seeker, a media/manwhore, full of himself, kept getting into trouble all the time, was a junkie, a bad guy etc. But it's not the case, he's a self-deprecating, respectful and grateful normal guy who has stayed true to himself and who doesn't even think he deserves all this adoration he gets from so many people. You're picking on him for no reason and it makes you look so bad and bitter, you have no idea.

You hide behind your desk, talking sh-t about him, knowing very well he can't even defend himself. You're such a coward, honestly. I wonder if you'd had the guts to tell him all the things you've ever written about him if you talked to him face to face.

Last but not least, your post about that ad on the craiglist site was really below the belt, it was unnecessary, I hope you know slander is a crime. Insinuating such a thing about anyone on basis of some random message posted on a public board, which could have been written by basically anyone, is really low and slanderous, no matter if it was meant to be a joke or not. Jealous haters (like you) just wait for anything negative about him to rip him apart. I ask why, what has he done to any of them? He's just doing his job and living his life minding his own business, why do you and other haters have to poke nose into his?

He never asked for any of this, he was thrown into boiling water and he keeps getting burned. And all he wanted to do is act and be a part of the movie making process. No wonder he thinks the safest place in the world for him is the movie set.

Please, it would be good if you at least toned down your overblown criticism of this boy. Be more respectful and less negative, that's all I'm asking for.


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