Oh yes. Oh, we’re here. The future has arrived.

Because do my eyes deceive me, or is that a 50-something woman on the cover of Rolling Stone – naked? It is, right?

She looks great and all, and yes, lots of women at 50-esque don’t have that body but that’s not the point. Tina Fey talked about what happens to a woman’s career in showbiz “when nobody wants to f*ck her anymore”. It’s an awful statement on the way things are, and nobody should have to deal with their job going down the tubes because they’re not sexually attractive. It shouldn’t even be a conversation! You know who very few people want to bang? Paul Blart. Yet he has a career.

But  – but! Julia Louis Dreyfus isn’t being kicked out because of age. She’s still definitively a hot woman. She played the romantic lead in Enough Said – which was a ridiculously cute movie, if you haven’t seen it – and there’s no pretense that she’s not a mother of grown children, that she’s not closer to 60 than 40. It’s not even played for laughs like the Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton romances are.

I guess it’s because a generation of men raised on Seinfeld are now controlling the mainstream media, and old crushes die hard? It’s not like there aren’t any more problems, but this – where a woman of any age can still hold the cover of this "cool arbiter magazine", and be seen as desirable on it - is step one, and I’m down.

Also, Veep makes me really happy. Which both is, and isn’t, the point.