Do you see what I’m saying about the strapless dresses? Not only does this one fit tightly under her armpits, but it also rises up and curves OVER her cleavage. There is no danger that it’s going anywhere.   I am more relaxed just by looking at her. This is, of course, because JLD is a big old pro and it’s not her first rodeo, but still. I don’t care who makes your dress if it doesn’t fit you properly, and if it does, I don’t care which mediocre designer you’re elevating. 

And speaking of elevating…

The only people who were covered in glory tonight – who were utterly in charge – were JLD and her co-noms Amy & Tina.    

Imagine the joy and the freedom of not only winning the award, but knowing that, as per last year, you can take some of the pomp and importance out of it and go “how about I won this because we get to have fun, so therefore we’re going to continue to have fun”? Doesn’t that make you like her more than anybody ever? She just wants to play. When you are that inclined to kind of take the piss out of yourself, and not take things like winning Emmys all that seriously (it helps that this is her fourth and her second for Veep), then how can you not be at the very top of your game? She wins everything.  

Also I suspect a whole lot of people last night went “Oh yeah I should really watch that” so downloads on HBO Go or whatnot are probably way up today. Which is probably a better choice than some of the “comedy” premiering tonight.