The Cannes Film Festival kicks off in a month with Woody Allen’s Café Society starring Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg. It is expected that, one night later, it’ll be Kristen’s friend Jodie Foster on the red carpet with her stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney representing Money Monster. I can’t wait to see this movie for the behind-the-scenes TV newsroom porn – click here for a refresher. I begged to be assigned to this junket but it’s probably not going to happen because scheduling and travel.

All three happened to be photographed this weekend. Jodie, George, and Julia met up in LA on Friday and Julia was with some friends on Sunday afternoon in Santa Monica in a denim romper. Before Cannes though, Julia has Mother’s Day, with Jennifer Aniston, directed by Garry Marshall, opening at the end of the month. That movie? Looks atrocious. Although the selling feature seems to be that Julia and Jen might be in a scene together?