A lot of Oscars standing here at the Lancome 80th anniversary party in Paris last night. Instagram that, Taylor Swift. And, no, I know Isabella Rossellini doesn’t have an Oscar but she’s so closely associated with Oscar that the words didn’t feel wrong, did they?

These are the Lancome ambassadors: Isabella, Julia Roberts, Lupita Nyong’o, Kate Winslet. Julia had to be in the middle on the carpet, obviously. And at one point, she had to behave like she was laughing about something we wish we could be a part of, obviously. But that’s the point of photo opportunities like this – you’re supposed to want to be there, to be them, at least around them. She was Taylor Swift before Taylor Swift knew how to be Taylor Swift.

Anyway, let’s talk about their dresses. Lupita’s is my favourite because goddamn does she look great in a drop waist, non? Then it’s Penelope. And I’m kind of surprised by this because I’m not normally into sheer skirts but the solid panel down the middle really makes a difference and the fact that she left her hair almost unstyled helps too because she resisted the urge to make it into Veronica Lake waves or throw it up, which lessens the try factor of the whole thing. Winslet’s choice bores me and, finally, those Pretty Woman legs always work under a blazer. She’s been doing it for years.