Went to a screening last week and saw a preview of Charlie Wilson’s War. Had forgotten what it was like to Julia Roberts on screen. Have never loved her, can’t stand her in fact, but have also never disputed why she is a star. Why she is the biggest star. Because Julia Roberts can light up a screen like no one else. Goose guffaw and al. And really…right now…there really is no heir. Yet.

So once upon a time, Julia Roberts was a major bitch. Legendary hissy fit backstage at the Oscars, refused to read her script on prompter, total spotlight hog on every occasion – even presenting to Denzel – and of course took someone else’s husband.

Since then…a little humility perhaps. Julia stayed away from the carpet, she stayed away from the magazine covers, and work took a backseat to her babies. How very un-Jennifer Aniston. Julia also said she wanted privacy – realising maybe that karma could coming calling – and instead of renting a beach house in Malibu, she moved to New Mexico and had her children in relative obscurity. Clearly she meant it went she said she wanted to be left alone.

This weekend however she made a rare appearance along with some of her very famous friends including the aforementioned Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks – her costar in Charlie Wilson’s War – Shirley MacLaine, Bruce Willis, and Natalie Portman. They were all on hand to honour Julia at the 22nd annual American Cinemathique Award on Friday night.

As you can see, after three children, and just 2 weeks from 40, she is as beautiful ever. Amazing skin, a great nose, compelling dark eyes, always the loveliest hair, and the famous big big big smile. It’s an infectious smile. You can’t argue with that smile. Especially not when she’s cracking jokes.

While accepting her award, Julia pointed out her overflowing breastfeeding tits: "Is there a hungry baby in the house? Come on up!"

Later she acknowledged her husband who did not walk the carpet with her but was present inside: "More than anything I am just the most proud wife and mother to three of the most amazing children. And the widening of my life, and my hips, is really just the true gift of my husband Danny (Moder), who I would be so lonely without."

As for the word on Charlie Wilson’s War… three Oscar winners in one picture - Tom, Julia, and Philip Seymour Hoffman – written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Mike Nichols so needless to say, everyone is talking Academy Award. Word is Tom Hanks wants a third and is prepared to campaign hard for the honour.

But seriously…they need a new trailer. Because the current trailer is ass. Click here to view. See?