I want to hold hands with Julia Roberts and endure whatever it is she’s lecturing me on as we walk from the restaurant to the car after lunch. I want! I want to be Julianne Nicholson in these photos.

Julia and Julianne were out with Ewan McGregor and Dermot Mulroney yesterday in LA. They all recently worked together on the upcoming August: Osage County which everyone is predicting already for Oscar next year because of the cast which also includes Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper, Sam Shepard, and more. And it was produced by George Clooney.

Sarah wrote a couple of weeks ago about Angelina Jolie hosting an event in London for Ewan McGregor and The Impossible, throwing her support behind a potential award season run, though mostly, given the geography, influencing the BAFTAs.

Imagine having the Jolie on one coast and the Julia Roberts on another for Oscar? Look at her. Look at her patronising expression as she’s humouring the paparazzo. Can you imagine that in your face, constantly, nagging at your ass to do something? At a certain point the Tom Hankses etc of the world must just throw up their arms in the end in capitulation -- what Julia wants, Julia gets. She got it for Javier Bardem last year, a nomination.  

But just one thing...

Julia...doesn’t like the Jolie.

You know this.

I wonder then if she doesn’t, simply because the Jolie is already. Unless you think the two might actually...collaborate?

Also attached - Julia and husband Danny Moder out for dinner in Malibu.