My mother loves to criticise how women stand. She says you can judge a person’s class just by how they hold their stationary body. This of course from someone who can’t eat with her mouth closed (no one born in Hong Kong is capable of this) and twice a week parks herself at the casino at the slot machine with one leg hitched up on the railing.

Still, hypocrisy or not, she does have a point. And she has always said this about Julia Roberts –that she is a beautiful woman, with a beautiful body, and an irresistibly engaging screen presence…but Julia has never been elegant ever. Not on camera, not on stage (remember the Oscars?), and absolutely not on the red carpet. Especially not posing like this.

Check her out last night at the LA premiere of Charlie Wilson’s War with her hands on her hips as though bargaining for a pound of chicken kidneys at the street market in Chinatown. Terribly ungraceful, non?

Photos from Wenn