You know she's kicking herself for showing up. That is a dress choice and hand-painted highlights and probably a custom-blended lipstick shade, all for Erin Brockovich herself, and then she didn’t win? 

There are no shots of her holding the trophy with that smile. They basically sold this entire Emmy broadcast on the promise of that shot.

When you’re Julia Roberts, you can sell almost anything on the basis of the idea that if you show up, they’re going to give you the trophy. Like it’s almost like Hollywood is her high school. Everyone knows who-all is going to get the Best Athlete award long before it’s announced. And then she got the shaft?

She is MAD. Look at that nosewrinkle in the best Vine ever made:

But it’s not actually her I feel bad for. It’s Ryan Murphy. Because the next time he asks her to do something for him, to take a role or show up somewhere to promote something, she’s going to be like “No! Every time I do that for you I get the shaft! No! Forget it, and I do not wish to be in ‘Freak Show’.   No!”

So basically, Ryan Murphy lost last night. I can’t help that I feel a little bit bad about it on his behalf.