It's almost exactly 12 years since Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt confirmed their split. It was summer 2001. They called it an Oscar curse. Less than a year later, in April 2002, Benjamin married Talisa Soto. Their first child was born a few months after.

Julia of course went on to A Low Vera and sniped at Benjamin about not having to be around her buzzy life anymore. She and Danny Moder were in New York yesterday. Duana will be happy about this. Julia Roberts always makes Duana happy. And those are still Pretty Woman legs.

We don't see much of Julia Roberts unless she's out at an event. She lives in Los Angeles. Ahem. Don't tell me Julia Roberts isn't famous enough to get papped every day. Or maybe she's just so intimidating they don't bother. Sh-t, I'd be afraid too.

They're saying Julia could contend for an Oscar nomination this coming award season for her work in August: Osage County. Hope so. Julia, Meryl, George, all together. Would be really great to see her work the campaign circuit. Or work the campaign circuit by not working the campaign circuit by telling you, haughtily, that she's above it. I can almost hear her in my head.

As for Benjamin Bratt -- he was at the Dodgers game yesterday, like it hasn't been 12 years but only 12 days. Beautiful. Ageless. He turns 50 in December.