Julia Roberts and Cindy Crawford were both at an event the other day with their families. Not unusual for Cindy but definitely rare where Julia’s concerned. And yet this is an officially approved photo of Julia with her husband, Danny Moder, and their three children. Cindy’s children you’re familiar with because they’ve been modelling. Because they’re ridiculous goodlooking. Holy sh-t those looooong legs on Kaia. This is genetic inequality.

Anyway, Julia and Cindy. I always associate them. Why? Richard Gere. At the time, they even looked kinda sorta similar, non?

Check it:

That was not an easy relationship. They took out a full page ad in a newspaper to confirm that they weren’t gay!

”We are heterosexual and monogamous and…reports of a divorce are totally false.”

This was a major moment in Gossip History. Oh and remember when like really soon before they confirmed their divorce, he threw down with Sylvester Stallone, accusing him of hitting on his wife? There are some people who believe that Sly is the original source of the gerbil rumour, did you know that?

Anyway, it wasn’t a conscious coupling either. Richard was rumoured to have cheated on Cindy with Uma Thurman, Cindy was seen getting into the back of a limo with some other guy, and a month after they announced their divorce, she moved in with Rande Gerber. This moment in Gossip History was brought to you by white bodysuits.