Email yesterday from a reader called Melissa M:

You’re kidding right? You consider Julia Roberts a real movie star…how is she not like Manslinger (her real name escapes me right now)? Julia Roberts acts like Julia Roberts in ALL her movies… Cate Blanchett is a real movie star… Meryl Streep is a real movie star. Julia Roberts? Seriously!?

I generally agree with you on most of your postings – and love the entertainment you provide…but I had to say something about Julia Roberts – c’mon!!!

Dear Melissa – thank you for the lovely comments about the Oscars! Please don’t be upset with me when I disagree with you. Cate Blanchett is an actor. Meryl Streep is an actor. Had I called Julia Roberts a “real actor”, you would have every right to rip me a new asshole.

But I called Julia Roberts a “real movie star”. Because she is a MOVIE STAR. Julia Roberts is Julia Roberts because of her star quality. The intangible “It”. To this day, they still can’t agree on her successor. No one has been able to capture everything she represented before she removed herself from the spotlight.

And as annoying as she may have been, with that honking goose guffaw, and her need to take over every occasion, even when presenting Denzel Washington his Best Actor Oscar, there is no denying Julia Roberts, like Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt, and George Clooney, and Johnny Depp, is a true Movie Star.

They don’t make them these days like they made them before. Or at least we haven’t found her yet. Instead, we’ve had to endure those Hills twats and Ebola, the likes of Lindsay Lohan, famewhores Biel and Alba, and the long list of wannabes.

This is why I’ve grown to miss Julia Roberts. Couldn’t stand her a few years ago. Then reality shows kicked in and we’re now supposed to care about the Kardashians? Please.

You know what the worst is though? The worst is that we’re living in a time when Julia Roberts, a real movie star, might not be able to sell a movie. This is why I’m seeing Duplicity twice.

So here she is, Julia Roberts the real movie star, in London yesterday for Duplicity with Clive Owen. I wish she’d let her hair down and fluff it out. But it’s like she decided she was over the hair when she moved to New Mexico.

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