I have always loved her nose. She has a great nose. I also prefer when she lets her hair down.

This is Julia Roberts in Paris with that sexy beast Clive Owen continuing to promote Duplicity through Europe. Julia decided to amp it up for a change…and this is good. Too many boring suits these days, it’s nice to see her in a slinky black dress.

Of course the megawatt smile too.

Julia publicly thanked the crew recently for their kindness during production of Duplicity: "Henry was about six months old when we started rehearsal. I was nursing and I can't say enough about the way that everyone was helpful in making me never feel like I was holding things up or creating a problem. I just had to go and take care of the baby and when we did rehearsal, we rehearsed right around the corner from my apartment and so I was able to run back and forth. They were incredibly accommodating. It was a gift."

Ummmm….no. Not a gift. It was an expectation. Who’d be the one to lip off Julia Roberts for making them wait around?

Duplicity opens next week and it will be interesting to see – can Julia Roberts still open big?

I hope for it.

Otherwise, if a real movie star can no longer open big, it means we are stuck with the sh-ts and family movies.

Like Paul Blart over and over and over again.

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com