Taylor Swift played two shows in Santa Clara this weekend, getting ever closer to the five performances she’ll put on at Staples Centre in LA starting on Friday where the Friend Collecting is expected to be major…if Santa Clara was any indication. Because Joan Baez and Julia Roberts are pretty f-cking major.

Joan Baez is a legend. Joan Baez has LIVED some life. And Julia…?

Well. Julia’s one of the few remaining Movie Stars. What happens when Julia, the Movie Star, gets invited over to someone else’s house though? Before we start analysing that, remember, this isn’t the first time Julia and Taylor have been together. I wrote about them together at TIFF a couple of years ago – click here for a refresher. TIFF was Julia’s environment.

In Taylor’s environment, Julia… tried to dance. 

Can you hear that girl in the background going, “What the hell?” HA.

When I sent this to Duana this morning (she was texting me about it yesterday afternoon, because Duana will love Julia – and everything that’s Julia about Julia – forever), here’s how she broke it down:

OMG I feel so sad for her! She's so embarrassed in front of Joan Baez. And Hazel.

It’s not often you see Julia Roberts out of her element. You know why? Mostly it’s because she can’t talk. If there was a microphone in her hand, this would be a different story. She would have babbled her way through it, and yelled at someone in the crowd. Without a vocal platform though, it’s just Julia with no rhythm (although her skin does look glorious), wearing Amal Clooney’s wedge heel sneakers…

Yeah. You remember those, don’t you? Amal was kicking them around all over New York in the Spring – and before that too but these are the last time I posted them, click here to see. We know that Julia and Amal have gotten close. So close that Julia’s taking style tips? Maybe. If it was 2012. People, these need to be retired. That’s you too, Mrs Clooney.